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International assignees require a higher degree of cultural intelligence and sensitivity to be successful and satisfied while living abroad or working in an international environment.

Check&Cure is a modern, self-paced, web based solution for all international assignees and business travallers who need an easy, accessible, highly responsive and quick source of country specific information. Check&Cure is a great option for those, who prefer learning on their own with little or no guidance orand who don’t have time to spend the whole day on cultural training.


The package includes the following elements:


Personal cultural preference check (20 minutes) on 9 dimensions.

It compares you to thousands of business people worldwide and shows your preferences in contrast to the ones ofcompared to specific other countries. It will help you to:

– Achieve a smoother communication: adapt your style for direct results.

– Avoid misunderstandings: learn about potential challenges and how to avoid them.

– Lead productive meetings and negotiations: understand the differences between cultures to havefor more productive meetings.

– Get things done: improve productivity and mutual satisfaction F2F and virtually,

You can also compare your style with any other person who also hasve access to CountryProfiler


Country specific reports on more than 90 countries with tips on:

– Business practices and thinking patterns

– Preferred management and leadership styles

– How to motivate people for optimal business results

– Safety and travel information

– Culture and lifestyle


Hours of self-paced learning and recorded materials on:

– Cultural Intelligence

– Borderless Collaboration

– Digital fluency

– Country specific presentations


Debriefing coaching session

Debriefing of your preferences in the context of a specific country and coaching on cross-cultural skills with one of our country experts worldwide (which will be probably the most useful 45 minutes you will have all year).

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