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 Country 360°



Expats and business travelers require a higher degree of cultural intelligence to be successful and satisfied while working or living abroad.

Country360° is a fully customized support package for expats, their spouses and their children (with a unique kids program). This extensive package ideally should be initiated before the departure to the country of destination (half or one full day before), continued after arrival (half or one full day before) and remains available during in the form of coaching or counselling in the most critical moments during the first 6 months after the arrival.


The package includes the following steps:

Cultural preference check:

– Understand your own cultural preferences on 9 dimensions: focusing on Interaction, management and thinking styles

  – Possibility to compare your own cultural preferences with preferences of habitants of specific countries and identify the possible cultural gaps

– Possibility to compare your results with the ones from your team-mates


Country specific part:

– Roots of the culture (an overview of the target culture, including historical milestones that helped shaped it and the current status-quosituation)

– Doing business and working with a country of your choice (leadership, collaboration, communication, negotiation, decision making styles; teamwork, delegation, information sharing, meeting & greeting, providing feedback, motivating, managing conflict etc.)

–  Socio-economic aspects and everyday life in the country

– Case studies and real life examples to be analyzed

– Analyzing the assignment and planification for the best results and ultimate success and satisfaction

– Developing a plan to close the gap(s) between your own preferences and the preferred target country beahaviour.

– Fine tuning the plan while advancing in the process.

The modules above make for a 1 or 2 full training day(s) delivered in person or online.


Buidling a global mindset section:

– Helps to explore your own cultural programing and the impact that it has on your everyday life and business situations

– Enables you to contact a country specialist in order to address all the questions you have regarding a foreign culture or a specific country/region you are dealing with

– Develops strategy aiming at closing the gap between your own preferences and the desired behavior in the target country or company

– Models to better understand business culture, and cross-cultural communication and to better manage culture shock

– Helps you in managing difficult situations at your international work space.


What does Country360° Full Package contain?

– Pre-session interview to help you better understand your assignment and identify the key cultural challenges connected to it.

– CountryExpertSession one or two day online or face-to-face cross-cultural training, with country specific and generic modules

– CountrySmartLine (3×1 hours sessions during your first 12 months in the new country, used by assignee or the spouse)

– CountryProfiler 1 year access to the platform with a database about more than 90 countries and a self-paced course on developing cultural competence and global mindset



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