Country Expert Session (CES)


– develops and exercises intercultural competence

– provides the most essential skills and competences needed to operate successfully in other countries

– provides practical information about specific country/region and its business culture

– shows an overview of business, social and everyday life in the specific country

– it’s tailor made: focus on specific areas of interest, depending on the nature of the business


Cross-cultural skills building part helps you to:

– understand the influence of mental filters, stereotypes and prejudices on everyone’s behavior

– explore your own cultural programing and the impact it has on you

– better understand cross-cultural communication and management

– understand and manage culture shock

– optional: virtual collaboration, international parenting, third culture kids (TCK), managing long distance relationships and/or family life.


Country specific part discusses:

– Roots of the culture which created norms and values in the target culture

Doing business and working with a country of your choice (leadership, collaboration, communication, negotiation, decision making styles; teamwork, delegation, information sharing, meeting & greeting, providing feedback, motivating, managing conflict etc.)

Case studies and real life examples to be analyzed.

Socio-economic aspects and everyday life in the country.

– Assignment planning and strategy for the best results

In case of an online delivery, the modules will be held on two or three different days. The session is run with the use of an online communication platform that helps delivering the ultimate real-time training experience by enabling the trainer and trainee to share files and screens, chat during the session, to use whiteboards and breakout rooms and to measure the engagement level of the trainee thus helping to keep the levels of motivation always high.


In case of face-to-face session the modules above make for a 1 or 2 full training days, depending on the needs.



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