CountryProfiler (CP)


CountryProfiler is a cross-cultural preference check on 9 dimensions will give you a clear insight on possible challenges of working with colleagues from another culture.


CountryProfiler will help you to:

– Achieve smoother communication: we will show you how to adapt your style for direct results.

Avoid misunderstandings: learn about potential challenges between cultures and how to avoid them.

– Lead productive meetings and negotiations: understand the differences between different cultures and you will be able to have more efficient gatherings.

Get things done: knowing strengths and potential challenges you be able to to improve productivity and mutual satisfaction.


This online database provides comprehensive cultural and business information designed to increase your knowledge about the business culture of the country. It contains of analytics and tips about 90 different countries.


At your own pace, online or offline, find information and tips about:

– Business skills

– Management styles (including how to manage virtual and face-to-face relationships).

– Economic and political conditions

– Safety and travel information

– Culture and lifestyle


What are you gaining?

– Assess and prepare international assignees

– Strengthen international business relationships

– Eliminate cross-cultural communication breakdowns

– Adapt your cultural style for immediate impact and results

– Manage and lead global teams with confidence

– Negotiate across the world with clearer insight and better results


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